Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On Politics

Dear Ginger and Ollie,

Guy Fawkes
Today, is the day after your first midterm election here in Texas and politics are riddled with negativity now more then ever. So much so, that you can hardly tell what most candidates would like to accomplish, but it's pretty apparent what their opponents have done "wrong".

Its difficult to make an important decision with such a lack on information. Watching debates is little more then a verbal pissing contest, to see who can come out the least terrible looking.  Instead of talking about current issues, candidates tend to go over the short comings of the person they're standing across from.  Some have even attempted to liken their opposition to the Empire from Star Wars.  Cause apparently we're in elementary school.

So to you I ask...please be an informed and conscientious voter.  Try to tune out all the bullshit that you'll assuredly be bombarded with. As you're probably aware, we live among others that seldom share the views that your mother and I do. It may even be true that you kids don't see things the way we do, and that's okay. So long as you can come to a conclusion on your own through

Above all, make sure that your opinions are your own. Don't let others hold sway over your beliefs.  Make them your own and wear them on your sleeve no matter what the people around you say.  Don't blindly follow anything, not even your mother and I. Try to approach life with your eyes and your mind wide open to new experiences.

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